Hello, we’re Colour-in City

We bring together a broad range of experience, skills and knowledge to feed into social innovation. Between us this encompasses service design and design research, programming, data science and visualisation, public sector strategy, communications and lived experience.

We share a commitment to supporting citizens and services to improve wellbeing in their communities. And we share a belief in the messy and colourful reality we know life to be. Here we get to discover, try things out and learn together.    



Our team



Eunji Kang, design researcher and information designer
Eunji has worked on social innovation projects in health, education and social care to improve how the planning, design and delivery of projects is communicated. Her expertise lies in communicating complex challenges through visual communication and design thinking, helping others to imagine possible solutions.



Rebecca Birch, service designer
Rebecca is a service designer, ethnographic researcher and coach with a background in innovation consulting, social enterprise development, community work and social research. She draws on a combination of social science and design-led approaches to solve complex challenges, and has led projects in mental health, early years, education and worklessness.



Marcin Ignac, programmer and data visualiser
Marcin is an expert in graphic design and programming, with a focus on data visualisations, user interfaces and 3D realtime graphics. He also works in the field of computational design, applying procedural techniques in design, prototyping and development phases. He is the founder of 



Denise Xifara, data scientist
Denise is committed to using data to address challenges in the real world and is keen to make access to data quicker and safer. Her work includes data analysis and visualisation, research and development, programming, and educating organisations on how to change their data culture and communication practices. She has a background in mathematics and statistics.



Emma Field, communications and engagement lead
Emma is passionate about enabling wellbeing through everyday living. She has worked in the community and public sector; in local government communications, human-centred design, frontline health and social care. She has a background in social anthropology, occupational science and occupational therapy.



Our partners: Lambeth Council


Dr. Simon Sandberg, NRPF, housing and wellbeing projects manager 
Simon has extensive experience of strategic management, system dynamics, multi-agency and inter-agency partnerships and of working in multi-ethnic inner city settings. Recent projects include working with teams in children’s services, adult and children’s mental health, domestic violence, drugs and alcohol, sexual health, and neighbourhood renewal.


Noel Hatch, senior policy and partnerships manager
Noel mobilises senior leaders across different sectors to develop strategic solutions that improve outcomes for local areas. Through providing leadership across the organisation and partnerships in strategy, analysis and service design, I have enabled councils and partners to shift to new ways of working and ensure that strategic change is embedded on the ground.




Our partners: LEAP (Lambeth Early Action Partnership)

We are working with LEAP to recruit local parents and service providers to take part in our co-design experiment.

LEAP’s mission is to transform the lives of babies, young children and their families in London. They do this through a range of programmes and support.

The partnership is made up of: Lambeth Council, the Clinical Commissioning Group, Public Health, King’s Health Partners, local voluntary organisations, community groups, parents, babies and children, Young Lambeth Co-op, schools, nurseries, statutory bodies, local police leaders and the National Children’s Bureau.



Our partners and funders: OrganiCity 

OrganiCity is an EU project that puts people at the centre of developing future cities.

OrganiCity challenges and supports experimenters to make cities ‘smarter’ using digital technology, experimentation and co-creation with citizens.

It asks ‘what is a good future city, and how can we create it?’. Find out more about the project and online platform on the OrganiCity website.